About Us

The World’s First Deep Reinforcement Learning Platform for the Enterprise

We are building a deep reinforcement learning platform that empowers enterprises to build subject matter expertise into complex industrial systems.


Building BRAINs for Autonomous Systems

Bonsai was founded on the core belief that the best way to build effective machine learning systems is to provide a better way to teach them.

Machine Teaching + DRL

The Bonsai AI Platform enables subject matter experts, even those with no AI background, to program their expertise directly into an AI model and teach it how to solve real-world business problems.

Machine Teaching, combined with deep reinforcement learning, is the fundamentally different approach needed for enterprises to build AI models powerful enough to optimize and automate real-world systems.

Applied AI

Bonsai packages powerful machine learning libraries, leading simulations, novel AI development techniques, and a host of APIs and SDKs all in one end-to-end platform.

By combining these technologies in one platform, enterprises can build, train and deploy models that increase the intelligence, and improve the operations of, real-world manufacturing, energy, HVAC, and automotive systems.

Get Started Building BRAINs

Work together with our team using the Bonsai Platform to build deep reinforcement learning models.