October 28, 2016

AI for Everyone: A Different Approach to Building AI for Developers

In September, I had a chance to speak at the O'Reilly AI conference in New York. I spoke about the power of abstraction, and how we are harnessing that power at Bonsai to unlock AI for every developer. 

Abstraction, I would argue, is the single most powerful driving force propelling computing forward. Abstraction has taken integrated circuits from transistor-transistor logic gates, to arithmetic logic units, to the processors that we leverage every day. In the realm of data, it has brought us from managing data structures and storage directly, to leveraging libraries of structures and algorithms, to databases and SQL. 

Increasing levels of abstraction let us do more in less time. It also lets us reuse and share work, better understand what's going on under the hood to debug and iterate more effectively, and even take advantage of improvements in the levels below without having to rebuild our work from scratch. 

Abstraction is what will finally unlock AI for developers. 

In my talk, which you can watch below, I detail how Bonsai's platform empowers developers to work at a higher level and build smarter apps faster. I also show step-by-step how we trained an AI to play Breakout, and replicated the work of Deepmind, in just 40 lines of code. 

We're building the platform for artificial intelligence and this talk should give you a good sense of how it works. But ultimately, it's not about what we do - it's about what we enable you to do. You can apply for the private beta at bons.ai or come join the team to help build AI for everyone.

Always. Be. Learning.

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