August 15, 2017

Industrial AI Podcast: This Week in Machine Learning, Ep. 7

We’ve partnered with the This Week in Machine Learning & AI podcast for a 7 part series on Industrial AI. Check out Episode 7 below and download our latest paper exploring the unique challenges and requirements of Industrial AI.

The final episode of TWIML AI’s Industrial AI podcast series features Josh Bloom, VP Data and Analytics at GE Digital and co-founder of

Josh builds applied AI solutions for one of the largest enterprises in the world. His conversation with Sam covers how to think about building AI for physical systems (and why it’s so much more important to get it right), how to leverage simulations and digital twins to build solutions at scale, and the importance of combining machine learning with domain expertise.

“Do we [use machine learning to] tackle specific problems or ones that are adjacent? We can build assistive tools that wind up not making decisions by themselves, but actually provide information and insights to analysts who are looking at data...then you let the domain experts in that world go through the path and make some decisions. It becomes an accelerant and an efficiency play." - Josh Bloom

You can listen to the full episode in the link to the AI podcast below. To learn more about how you can leverage reinforcement learning, simulations and domain expertise in your own organization, head over to to apply for the Early Access Program.

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