June 20, 2018

Bonsai joins Microsoft to cultivate our common vision: BRAINs for Autonomous Systems

Bonsai joins Microsoft to cultivate our common vision: BRAINs for Autonomous Systems

Keen and I founded Bonsai in 2014 with the vision of putting AI in the hands of every developer. Over the past four years our team has worked tirelessly to make this vision a reality by combining the power of machine teaching and deep reinforcement learning into an end-to-end platform that is accessible not only to data scientists but software engineers and subject matter experts. The strongest initial commercial traction for this platform has been in the industrial verticals where customers are improving the operations of dynamic control systems across applications including robotics, HVAC, engines, wind turbines and machine tuning. The 30x performance improvement Siemens recently realized auto-calibrating CNC machines powered by a Bonsai BRAIN is just scratching the surface of the significant business impact deep reinforcement learning can bring to these real world systems.

Going forward, we see a massive opportunity to empower enterprises & developers globally with the tools and technology needed to build and operate the BRAINs that power these intelligent autonomous systems. We are not the only ones that feel this way. Today we are excited to announce that Microsoft will be acquiring Bonsai to help accelerate the realization of this common vision. By combining Bonsai’s unique deep reinforcement learning and machine teaching platform with Microsoft’s Azure Platform and tools, extensive deep learning research, and recent AirSim simulation innovations, we stand to deliver to customers the most comprehensive tool chain for the building, training, deployment and management of AI for autonomous systems.

Our customers, partners, investors, employees, and their families all deserve a huge thank you for their contributions to get Bonsai to where we are today. We could not be more excited for the opportunity to continue on this journey as part of Microsoft.

For more detail on this exciting news, please read Gurdeep Singh Pall’s blog post.

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