June 13, 2017

Industrial AI Podcast: This Week in Machine Learning, Ep. 1

We’ve partnered with the This Week in Machine Learning & AI podcast for a 7 part series on Industrial AI. Check out Episode 1 below and download our latest paper exploring the unique challenges and requirements of Industrial AI.

 In the first episode in the series, Sam Charrington sat down with Ilia Baranov, engineering manager at Clearpath Robotics. Ilia talks about the future of robotics in industrial settings, how to leverage existing subject matter expertise to train robots to work cooperatively with humans, and the challenges and approaches to achieving full autonomy.    

“Especially when you’re talking about industrial use cases, they care about ‘What is the tack time?’, ‘How efficient is it?’ and ‘What is the down time’. A lot of the time, these people working there for years and years know the most efficient route. They know that even though this route is longer in terms of absolute distance, it will take a shorter time because it tends to be less congested, for example. We’ve had to fuse the best of human knowledge of this environment with the super human level planning and optimization that computers can do.” - Ilia Baranov

Hear more from Ilia in the full episode below. If you’ve got a use case like this, learn more at bons.ai or download our whitepaper.

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