July 19, 2017

Industrial AI Podcast: This Week in Machine Learning, Ep. 4

We’ve partnered with the This Week in Machine Learning & AI podcast for a 7 part series on Industrial AI. Check out Episode 4 below and download our latest paper exploring the unique challenges and requirements of Industrial AI.

In episode 4 of TWiML AI’s Industrial AI series, Sam Charrington sits down with Yodit Stanton, the founder and CEO of Opensensors.io. Yodit started Opensensors to create a real-time data exchange for IOT and currently focuses on using IOT data to optimize Smart Buildings. Sam and Yodit discuss deriving value from IOT data, applying AI technologies to IOT, and building models that combine real world data and domain expertise.

“If you think of IOT, it’s lots of small messages moving around really really fast. You’re adding some level of intelligence to fast moving data. On its own, one IOT data point isn’t that interesting, but on aggregate it’s hugely interesting.” - Yodit Stanton

You can hear the entire conversation with Yodit below. If you’d like to learn more about using reinforcement learning to solve enterprise control and optimization problems, head to bons.ai.

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