May 30, 2017

Industrial AI Use Cases: Programming AI into Industrial Systems

This is the final installment of a six part series from our recently published whitepaper; A fundamentally different approach for building intelligent industrial systems. You can download the complete paper here.

The Bonsai Platform is best suited for programming AI models that can inject greater intelligence, in the form of control and optimization, into sophisticated industrial systems. Models produced with the Bonsai Platform help increase the automation and operational efficiency of these systems.

There are currently two Industrial AI use cases for the platform:

Intelligent Systems. The complex and unconstrained problem spaces that industrial robotic systems must navigate, including factory floors and warehouse operations, require increased automation capabilities and more intelligent, adaptive controls. Due to the inherent complexity of low-level AI libraries and algorithms, only an extremely small subset of data scientists can build these dynamic systems today. With Bonsai, your existing development teams can program AI models to increase the control and automation of these advanced robotic systems.

Intelligent Operations. Manually modeling and optimizing every variable within multi-dimensional business systems -such as a supply chain, logistics, or HVAC - quickly outruns the time, budget, and skillset of many development teams. With Bonsai you can leverage internal skills and expertise to program AI models that improve prediction accuracy and real time decision support. This results in greater operational efficiency from sophisticated industrial systems.

If you think you have an Industrial AI use case that could be a fit for the Bonsai Platform, visit to learn how to get started.

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