August 8, 2017

PyData 2017: Keen Browne’s “Unlocking the Power of AI”

In July, the Bonsai team headed to Seattle for PyData, a conference for the Python community to discuss the latest tools and advancements in data management, processing, analytics and visualization.

Bonsai co-founder and Head of Product, Keen Browne, had a chance to speak about the landscape of today’s machine learning tools and the importance of making AI technology more accessible to the wider developer community through abstraction. Keen also touched on cutting-edge techniques for building intelligent systems, including Machine Teaching, reinforcement learning, and generating synthetic data with simulations.

Thanks to the team at PyData for hosting a great conference - and putting the talk online! You can watch the full talk below, or skip to 8:39 to see Keen build an AI model for beating the game Lunar Lander in the Bonsai Platform.


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