October 24, 2017

Reinforcement Learning: Bonsai Platform Video Training, Pt. 3

We’ve put together a series of Training Videos to teach customers about reinforcement learning and The Bonsai Platform. Check out Video 1 to get started with an introduction to types of machine learning.

Today we have completed the release of our Bonsai training videos, a series of five videos to help new customers quickly get up to speed on the Bonsai platform, the Inkling programming language, and reinforcement learning. If you don’t yet have access to the Platform but are looking to learn more, this series will allow you to learn what you’ll need to know before you get started using the platform.

This third video is named Advanced Platform Techniques and has Victor Shnayder, Product Manager at Bonsai, outline some of the more complex features of The Bonsai Platform in order to train your BRAINs more efficiently. The video assumes that you’ve already watched the previous video, Introduction to The Bonsai Platform.

In this video you will learn advanced usage of concepts and lessons, such as when to use multiple lessons or concepts to improve the training time when developing deep reinforcement learning models. Next, the video covers implementing gears to plug in custom behaviors. Lastly, the experimenting and debugging section covers tips and tricks while working with simulators and BRAINs. Check out the full video below.


This is the final video to be recorded (for now!), if you subscribe to our Training Video playlist you’ll be notified of updates to these videos and any future videos we release. Thanks for watching, and please send us feedback on this and the rest of our series if you have thoughts!

Always. Be. Learning.

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