August 7, 2017

Reinforcement Learning: Bonsai Video Training Series, Pt. 2

We’ve put together a series of Training Videos to teach customers about reinforcement learning and The Bonsai Platform. Check out Video 1 to get started with an introduction to types of machine learning.

Last week we started the release of our Bonsai training videos, a series of five videos to help new customers quickly get up to speed on the Bonsai platform, the Inkling programming language, and reinforcement learning. If you don’t yet have access to the Platform but are looking to learn more, this series will allow you to learn what you’ll need to know before you get started using the platform.

This second video is Introduction to The Bonsai Platform. First, Keen Browne, Head of Product at Bonsai, outlines how to build, teach, and use a BRAIN on the Platform. Then, you’ll learn about Inkling, Bonsai’s special purpose programming language, from its creator Megan Adams. Megan speaks to why this new language was created:

“Inkling is a not just a new language but a new type of language. It supports abstractions that make AI and Machine Learning much easier to program. For example, it is the only programming language with the concept of a concept. Inkling supports defining and teaching concepts to machines. We have designed a new language in order to support fundamentally new programming capabilities.” - Megan Adams

Next, you’ll learn about each of the main components of Inkling while following a demo of a simulated Turtlebot maneuvering around an office. Lastly, Keen closes with an analogy, comparing Bonsai and Inkling to the good ol’ days when databases and SQL were brand new too. Check out the full video below.


For detailed information about The Bonsai Platform and how it works you can take a look at the Bonsai Whitepaper on our Resources page.

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