September 24, 2018

Shell’s product experts teach drills to perform complex tasks using machine teaching

Note: Bonsai was acquired by Microsoft earlier this year. To read more about this acquisition please see Microsoft’s announcement blog.

Today at the opening keynote for Microsoft Ignite Conference in Orlando, CEO Satya Nadella highlighted the recent collaboration between Shell and Bonsai where we worked together to combine the power of subject matter expertise and deep reinforcement learning to improve the precision of its horizontal well drilling process. More details on this use case, along with other areas of AI collaboration between Microsoft and Shell are provided over on the Microsoft’s AI blog titled, "How AI is building better gas stations and transforming Shell’s global energy business.” Make sure to head over there to learn more and please let us know if you have any questions or would like to get started exploring the use of Bonsai for your own deep reinforcement learning projects.  

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