September 26, 2016

Unlocking AI for Developers: The Power of the AI Engine | Bonsai

Today marks a major milestone for Bonsai. At the O’Reilly AI Conference in New York we are announcing our $6M Series A funding led by New Enterprise Associates along with the formal introduction of the Bonsai Private Beta Program. Founded in 2014 on the premise that intelligence should be a core component of every hardware and software application, this new funding will go toward continued investments in both our technology and team. In conjunction with the funding, both Harry Weller and Forest Baskett from NEA have been added to Bonsai’s board of directors. On the product front, with the introduction of the private beta program we are now actively onboarding qualified early access partners to use the Bonsai Artificial Intelligence Engine to teach, connect, and use AI models in their applications.

AI has the potential to be one of the most impactful technologies of our time. Unfortunately, as it stands today, developers looking to work with AI are forced to learn complex toolkits, work with limited APIs, or be constrained by black box solutions. These options are insufficient if we as an industry are really serious about unlocking the power of AI for enterprises and developers to solve real business problems. Working with AI needs to be made more accessible to the broader software development community without requiring an advanced degree in machine learning. At Bonsai, this is the problem we have set out to solve.  

The Bonsai Artificial Intelligence Engine abstracts away the low-level, inner workings of artificial intelligence so a developer can focus on what really matters - building smarter applications faster. Over the past few months, we have been working closely with our early design partners including NVIDIA ® and Siemens Technology to Business (TTB) to develop, test, and tune the platform. NVIDIA's GPU accelerated infrastructure is the ideal platform for AI applications.

With Siemens TTB, we have been working to prototype AI for industrial automation and robotics use cases. Going forward, we are excited about our continued collaboration with this team, including their soon to be launched next47 business unit which will focus exclusively on disruptive new ideas and technologies including AI.

With the introduction of the Private Beta Program today we are opening the doors to a broader audience for feedback. Focused on customers using simulations to train complex systems, initial targeted use cases for the platform include intelligent adaptive control (e.g advanced robotics, autonomous vehicles), and improving system/process optimization (e.g. urban planning, delivery route optimization, network optimization). For developers, data scientists, and enterprise technologists, this is an opportune time to participate in the formative stages of building and shaping a product that will significantly alter the adoption trajectory of artificial intelligence within enterprises globally. If you are looking for a simple and intuitive approach for adding intelligence into your application or system then we want to hear from you. Sign up now to apply to for our private beta program.

Interested to hear more about how the Bonsai platform works? If you are at the O’Reilly AI Conference this week come visit us at Booth K12 or attend our session on Monday at 3:45pm EDT in Room 3D08. Alternatively, you can read more here.

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