The Bonsai Platform

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The Bonsai Platform

Bonsai abstracts away the complexity of AI, enabling subject matter experts and data scientists to build smarter systems faster.

End-to-End Development

Everything you need to build, train, and deploy AI models in your real-world systems. The Bonsai Platform provides the infrastructure, and tooling to easily add intelligence where it matters.

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Ease and Speed

Bonsai provides a fundamentally different approach, allowing easier and faster AI model development. Our Platform enables subject matter experts, developers, and data scientists to leverage state of the art innovations in Machine Teaching and deep reinforcement learning.

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Take advantage of your existing models, assets, and expertise. The Bonsai Platform allows you to leverage your existing investments and future proof your work.

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Build. Train. Deploy.

A fundamentally different approach to programming AI, we enable you to focus on solving your problem instead of spending all your time hardcoding complex algorithms.

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