Smart Buildings

Lower Energy costs. Maximize Comfort Levels. Reduce Maintenance Burden.

Leverage Bonsai and deep reinforcement learning to simultaneously optimize temperature, energy efficiency and reliability in a single HVAC system.

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Build Intelligent Smart Building Solutions

Program your unique expertise into AI models that deliver impactful results for applications including:


Whether you have a device connected to an IoT platform or a standalone unit, program optimal heating and cooling decisions into your residential device to enhance user comfort.


Leverage AI technology to dramatically improve energy efficiency and optimize pricing utilization. Employ your well proven controllers and subject matter expertise to enhance system safely and reliably.

Data Center

Detect and react to dynamic power requirements, cooling efficiently and delivering cost savings. Harness AI to deliver peak shaving across your data centers.


Achieve longer battery life and free up critical energy resources for the cab. Deliver more efficient cargo cooling helping you to refuel less frequently.

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