Why Bonsai

Building Autonomous Industrial Systems Has Unique Challenges and Requirements

The problems facing organizations are more complex and dynamic than ever before. Many of the hardest problems cannot be solved with conventional approaches.

Not All AI Is Created Equal

Applying AI technology to real-world systems requires unique tools to combine subject matter expertise with machine learning, resulting in application-specific models that significantly improve the operations of these systems.

Programming AI for autonomous systems is hard

Enterprises possess a tremendous amount of valuable human intelligence. These subject matter experts understand the variables, behaviors, and constraints that drive efficient operations of a system. Bonsai allows experts to infuse their intelligence into machine learning models, resulting in more efficient, collaborative and accurate model development.

Gathering data can be hard, unsafe, and expensive

Gathering useful training data in complex, dynamic, or industrial settings can be challenging. Whether an organization does not yet have the appropriate data collection mechanisms, or generating failure data is inconceivable due to safety concerns or cost, simulations provide an alternative. Bonsai utilizes simulations to train an AI model, without having to damage a part or crash a system.

Even for data scientists, building a neural network is complex and tedious

Bonsai’s AI Engine removes the complexity of building AI models. Bonsai’s Platform automatically selects the most appropriate deep reinforcement learning algorithm needed for training a specific model, laying out the neural networks, and tuning hyperparameters. Using Bonsai, your team is freed up to focus on solving the business problem instead of constantly wrangling with low-level toolkits.

AI requires much more than algorithms

As companies look for AI solutions they often find that different tools are needed for different stages of the process. A low-level toolkit might help program a model, but models must then be deployed and managed on an ongoing basis. Bonsai’s end-to-end platform provides you a complete set of tools for the programming, runtime and deployment of deep reinforcement learning models for use in autonomous systems.

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